To the measures of the diagnosis of the needs of the employees of our clients, for example, if the sales and customer service forces do not achieve their sales goals or give a good service to the client, our integral training allows the SCIENTIFIC KOWLEDGE they require to achieve exceptional performance. We have an e-learning platform to give distance courses simultaneously in several points of the country and/or the region.


That consists of teaching employees to execute naturally, what they learned in a theoretical manner. For this we use the resource of the ROLE PLAYS, in which we practice until perfecting the technique, receiving FEEDBACK that allows them to improve continuously. As key tools of the training we use the four books currently available from Henry Barascout which are

  • The Pride of being a Seller
  • The Route to Optimism
  • How to prepare a Marketing Plan
  • Strategic Sales Approach


For many companies in which the market is an enigma, although it offers thousands of dissatisfied consumers; its product offer sometimes does not meet, customer requirements and market standards. For them, HB&A develops a series of CONSULTS in which they carry out pilot tests, where final consumers indicate the level of satisfaction / dissatisfaction that our clients’ products provide them and the way in which they expect, that the products improve, or the way the market allows them to choose them as their first choice. Throughout this process, we not only limit ourselves to highlighting aspect of improvement, but we also involve ourselves to the point of being able to interpret client perceptions, in the form of a road map that leads to leadership in their respective categories.

Marketing Research and Brand Coaching

Market Research The best way to make decisions is based on evidence; For this we have been offering market studies for more than two decades

  • Quantitative and Qualitative
  • Exploratory
  • Mistery Shoppers


We carry out surveys based on face-to-face surveys with an immediate tabulation system with high reliability and low sampling error, as well as with a very good statistical significance for rapid decision making with wide coverage in the markets of the interior of the republic as in the different Spanish-speaking countries in America.


The specialty of our company is the qualitative studies, both focus groups and in-depth interviews. To do this, we use the best moderators to investigate the depth of the human subconscious and achieve the exteriorization of options that optimize the marketing resources and development of new products of the companies.


They allow to make observational analyzes and to probe concepts before the products and / or services go out to the market and to foresee the advantages / disadvantages that the consumers perceive with respect to them. In this type of study; we have the technology and expertization of InfoAlliance who allow us to locate and dimension mentions and evaluations of the consumer through social networks

These studies involve massive samples that minimize the sampling errors and that in combination with the other types of studies that we offer in HB & A lead to the market leadership for access to privileged information.

Mystery Shoppers

This type of study involves visits to businesses, agencies, appointments with vendors and aims to evaluate the performance and adherence to customer service protocol by the sales forces of our customers. Usually a stress test is done, in which the research staff is sometimes taken to extremes; to determine their ability to react and to control their emotions in difficult situations, with difficult clients. In order to use this information as a strategic basis for training and improvement of the staff, audiovisual evidence of the interaction is provided, in order to illustrate their aspects to improve as well as the things they did well during the interaction.

Brand Coaching

We are aware of the high cost that marketing budgets suffer from the constant inflation of media guidelines and non-traditional support resources (BTL), so we prioritize the design and use of Brand touch points that guarantee high efficiency in the Return on investment and comply with the requirement to contribute to positioning the appropriate brand image, in the mind of the consumer. Allowing to build a brand architecture that is strengthened with the appreciation of consumers and allows to better defend market participation against the strategies of its competitors.