About Us

Henry Barascout & Associates, is a marketing support services firm that provides entrepreneurs, executives and individual professionals with advanced marketing solutions to maximize the potential of their products and/or services, in the context of the market launch or the target group enhancement to have a greater return on investment and certainty of positioning in the minds of its consumers.

Within our main services we have

  • Training and Consulting
  • Market Research and Brand Coaching

Vision and Mission

Vision – to be the number one company in market research, both in the innovation of our methodologies and in the successful execution of projects by our clients; based on the strategic information provided by us and the anticipation of consumer trends, based on the study of their behavior

Mission – to be the strategic allies of our clients in the search for the key information for their decision making; with a professional and committed team willing to give the extra mile, in order to contribute to the leadership of our clients in their categories, with a high dose of professional ethics and proactive attitude


Our offices are strategically located in the most central point of the most important city in Central America; Guatemala, on Avenida La Refroma 7-62 zone 9 office 613 Aristos Reforma Building. In this site we have been located for more than 20 years, since it provides a very advances telecommunications platform and has redundancy in electric power support for up to 7 days without access to the public electrical network. The building was built under anti-seismic, anti-hurricane, anti-explosive operation standards and is located directly opposite to the American Embassy